Located in the area of Condong Catur, Kusuma Hotel has a strategic location in Jogja city which is famous as Education City and Tourism City. Kusuma Hotel is surrounded by Amikom, UPN, STIE YKPN, and Economics Faculty of UII campus.

That makes Kusuma Hotel the main choice for parents of those university students when they visit Jogja. However, there are still many guests who stay for the purpose of a tour.

For you who want more than just bed and breakfast, this is the right hotel. We present 28 rooms which are always clean and neat. Modern and homey Javanese nuances are seen in the furniture and interior decoration. Every room is also equipped with comfortable terrace for having a discussion and beautiful garden which gives natural coolness.

When the night comes, the bed with the soft and comfortable mattress is ready to reserve your weariness and fatigue. The calm hotel ambiance will be the perfect friend for your rest.

When the sun shines brightly in the morning, the body will feel fresh. Besides, breakfast has been served with varied menu every day. Your vehicle is also shiny and fragrant, ready to make a tour again.

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